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Ponti A. srl was founded in 1973 by Augusto Ponti providing mechanical tools for the manufacturing of molds. Over time it has also been affirmed as a third party metal shearer, reaching production capacity of several million units per month, primarily for the production of metal components intended for the electro-mechanical, lighting and thermal-hydraulic industries.

Currently the company manufactures tools for the production and maintenance of precision molds and a metal shearing department able to work with coils of steel, aluminum, brass and copper of different thicknesses.
In 2000 the metal shearing department expanded to meet the increasing demand in the market and in 2005 a second shed of 800 mq2 was purchased and used to improve the company's logistics and warehouse capacity.

The fundamental principles with which have evolved our company are:

  • complete and continuous customer satisfaction;
  • encouraging the growth of personnel;
  • improving operating results through the optimization of all business processes;
  • prevention as a key element of the quality management system;
  • the involvement of suppliers in the quality control process;
  • careful selection of suppliers and raw materials.



Our company philosophy is not to be only a supplier but to be a trustworthy and reliable partner, putting our experience forward.

Ours is a structure, that while maintaining flexibility and independence of a family run business, is equipped with technology, equipment and organizational skills of a "large business". We maintain our presence in the market with enthusiasm and reliability offering 360° level of service to our clients.



  • coilsTECHNICAL OFFICE: The aim of our technical office is to design and supervise the construction of molds and new equipment. Furthermore we continually search for new technologically advanced solutions that meet new quality and economic demands of the market.
  • EQUIPMENT AND MANUFACTURING: Occupies 300 m2 and has all of the equipment and tools necessary for the development, construction and maintenance of our molds.
  • TOOLING: Our tooling area occupies 600 m2 and has 20 presses ranging from 160, 100, 60, 50, 40 and 25 tones. Our staff conducts strict quality controls ensuring that all of our products are within the permitted tolerances.
  • LOGISTICS: In order to provide our customers with a complete service Ponti A. srl procures raw materials of the highest quality and we manage our suppliers with our logistics department which specifically control the flow of materials.
  • We have an area of 800 m2 completely dedicated to the receipt, storage and dispatch of goods.
  • OUTSOURCING: Ponti A. srl relies on the experience of our external suppliers for the realization of the heat treatment, galvanization and electro-plating.